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About Us

At Neorobos, we’re more than just a learning platform—we’re a gateway to the future. Our innovative approach merges technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge, fostering curiosity, creativity, and imagination in learners of all ages.

Neorobos is a pioneer in 21st-century education, seamlessly integrating technology with traditional learning to create transformative educational experiences. Our curriculum, rooted in the TPACK framework, goes beyond the confines of traditional education, preparing students to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Our Offerings

Our offerings include Kinder Labs, STL, Coding Books and Server, and STEAM Kits to foster early learning and innovation.


Inspire creativity and critical thinking with interactive science, technology, engineering, art, and math kits.
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Kinder Labs

Engage young minds with hands-on learning through colorful building blocks and creative play.
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Introduce kids to coding and robotics with easy-to-use programmable devices.
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Coding Books and Server

Provide comprehensive coding resources and online support for budding programmers.
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Our Services

In line with NEP and STEAM principles, we aim to establish innovative labs. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, hybrid learning courses, equipping students with coding skills and hands-on
resources, enabling them to explore Rapid Prototyping, STEAM, AI, IoT, and Drone tech.

Grade: Nur -K12
  • STEAM Kits & activity book
  • Teaching aid-lesson plan, TLP, Educational videos
  • Assessments
Grade: 3rd-12ᵗʰ
  • SMART Audio-Video Content
  • Teacher Guide
Grade: 3rd-12ᵗʰ
  • SMART Audio-Video Content
  • Teacher Guide
Grade: 3rd-12ᵗʰ
  • SMART Audio-Video Content
  • Teacher Guide

Transforming Education with Advanced STEAM Solutions

Revolutionizing the learning experience through age-specific courses, interactive SMART sessions, and comprehensive teacher support, our program equips students and educators with the tools needed for STEAM success.

Story Based Learning

Learning Quality

Self Paced

Multi Disciplinary

Assessments & Certifications

Competition & Events

Our Best Products

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Q-Scout STEM Robot Kit is an educational, mechanical….

Nous AI Set is a versatile and modular AI educational….

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